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Just like in the cinemas, your wedding may not be perfect as you dreamed it to be – just imagine if your trusted wedding photographer in Melbourne doesn’t show up. But that’s fine. You just need to move. You may find yourself helpless and unprepared in awkward situations on the actual day but you can arm yourself with few advices to help you manage potential wedding bloopers. So, when starting a plan for your big day, try to reflect on these short wedding preparation list to avoid mistakes especially for amateur wedding planners.

1.    A Close Look to Your Budget – not creating an itemize budget can lead to a deep hole of debt after the happy event. You don’t want to break the bank. Create a list of potential costs allowing the necessary needs like the wedding dress, rings, food, reception and decorations. If you get a little extra from the budget, use it for the honeymoon expenses. Budgeting a year before the big event can totally help you avoid surprising costs on the wedding day. During the early days, it was a culture for the family of the bride to pay all expenses but that is not the case today. It’s very important that both parties know who will be paying for what. This way, misunderstanding doesn’t occur.


2.    Give Yourself Enough Time for The Overall Preparation – You want your wedding to flow seamlessly, so you should give yourself and your fiancé an ample time to plan everything. Big and extravagant weddings are organized in advance, say a year and a half. You will have enough time to think over simple details like the flowers and the post wedding celebrations. You might have the time to design your own wedding invitation.


3.    Delegate Responsibilities – This is very important because it can save you time and energy and will lessen your “wedding anxiety”. Brides often get overwhelmed after saying “Yes” but it should be manageable when you create a list of task delegation to your best friends. You can’t just do everything. Get your family members involved in the preparation. Make use of their skills and talents so you don’t have to add another line on your costing list. Talk to your cousins, siblings and nearest relatives if they could even make the cake, handle the wedding photography or could stand as the event host.


4.    Think About Hiring a Reputable Wedding Planner – If your bank is well-prepared then hiring a good wedding planner can make your life a whole lot easier.


5.    Review Reception and Venue Details – Your venue should be clean and ready for bad weather. Unexpected rains can totally mess up your reception if you forget to include this on your list.


You can laugh at all those mistakes and simply move on with your married life, but preventing all those bloopers could make your wedding day stress-free and memorable.